Deewah Development Organization (DDO). Deewah itself stands for Drainage, Education,
Environment, Water Management, Agriculture and Health. It is registered under Societies ACT XX1 of 1860.
The core objective of DDO is to promote people centered development for improving livelihoods of poor
and vulnerable communities especially women and reducing poverty in every corner of Pakistan by means of providing
vocational training, literacy, health and hygiene.
The organization is working for poverty alleviation; eradication of child labour in all its forms especially worst
forms, education promotion; women development and environmental protection, on no profit no loss basis, in any
area in KPK and can be extended all over the country.
The study of various sectors of the rural areas of KPK’s economy reveals that it is the most backward area of
Pakistan in term of socio economic development. It is therefore; need of the time to start an accelerated process
of development for the uplift of the area and to ensure delivery of benefits of development at the grassroots
level with the objective that the people who could grow and prosper like urban and developed areas of Pakistan

DEEWAH DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION is purely a non-government and non-profitable organization striving for development of communities in KPK regardless discrimination on the basis of race, cast, religion, culture, gender and social status. It intends to serve as a forum based on heterogeneous participation across the country that is providing support to growing global movement for the betterment of humanity.